#TerribleTuesday Was An Early #WhyThoughWednesday

I was going to record a segment today to cover #whythoughwednesday but I fell asleep and it is now about to be midnight. So in light of the #terribletuesdays being swapped back to #trendytuesdays, I figured that my rant on Tuesday can be my #whythoughwednesday. I would still be talking about my car and how it is basically a pile of junk at the moment. I definitely think it is the starter. Tried having it jumped and the only thing that I noticed was more battery juice yet no turnover.

Aside from my car being a total disappointment to me, like the son of a mobster who wants to dance, there were some other #whythough moments I can touch on briefly.

Typically in a workweek, the slowest day tends to be Tuesdays. I mentioned in my episode, “Lets Talk – Terrible Tuesdays”, that this day is reserved for what is called “rag off”. This means that we go through the store and pull out items of a particular color from the sales floor. On this day we usually do this for about 2-3 hours and by then the day is practically half way over and we try producing what we can for the day. These days draaaaaaag, normally. Today, however, proved that theory to be widely incorrect. For some odd reason today was the slowest, “but why though” was what I asked myself. Every pivot of the neck to check the time resulted in a look of astonishment. “Wow, only 6 minutes has passed.”

Not only was the day unusually long, but the only highlight of the day was a material handler stumbling upon a small family of mice. Don’t get me wrong, this would normally peak my curiosity and nosiness to see what the hub bub was about, but today all I could think was why though. On one hand it was nice to have something happen at work, but why from mice? Why couldn’t somebody find a duffle bag of cash and only tell the homies as we all walk out one by one. No. Mice had to have their moment.

Have you ever found yourself starting to feel a tingle sensation when you think of any particular person? Isn’t it annoying when you’ve already declared yourself “Ice Queen” for 2018? It’s also frustrating when the person doesn’t fit into the box of “Standards and Qualifications” you edited yourself personally. How can this be? Who is playing the joke? I think I might like ’em, but why though. Where was this feeling when I was talking to such and such, or so and so? Why? How? Ugh! Life is full of mystery and wonder. Through it we will find ourselves asking “why though” without ever receiving and answer.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I’ll be back to blog again, farewell friends.

Check out this episode!

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