Lets Talk – Value Yourself

So many times we find ourselves questioning our value and our worth to other people because we may be feeling lonely. It is not up to other people to bring you fulfillment, that is your responsibility. So before you start to downgrade yourself, first look at all of your good qualities and skills. Your worth and your value is unique and cannot be duplicated.

Know when you are blessed. Some people may think that being blessed means you are among the most wealthy and need for nothing. I mean, that’s one kind of blessing but it isn’t the only one given. I know a couple people who were blessed in the common world when all hope was lost.

One of my friends told me that she had gone to an interview while drunk and was hired on the spot. In regular conditions she would have been side eyed and directed to leave after the interview because she wasn’t the one. Now picture this. she isn’t even at the legal drinking age. She’s drunk, on an interview. The lady either didn’t care that she was drunk underage or couldn’t smell the alcohol that still lingered on her. Perhaps she was a young wino herself so she felt a special connection to her. We may never know, but to have been hired on the spot is indeed a BLESSING.

Also know that being blessed allows you to dodge, or get from under the effects of negative energy and its beings. We all know at least 1 or 2 people that can just drain the life out of you just with their vibe. Yes, so you know that if you are able to get away from the grips of life drainers, DO IT. This, too, is a blessing. We never know when the devils pawns are lurking within your life and the schemes they are going to play to try and bring you down. But as long as you stay centered and you maintain trust with the highest power, you will be able to get through any obstacle; EVEN, if the outcome doesn’t go our way.

Everyone is not a creative thinker, and many are not able to compose a project in a way that others can enjoy. If you are able to have creative and open thought then you my friend are blessed. It is a blessing to be able to share with others a piece of yourself that is unique to you.

We are blessed to have goals and dreams and the forthright to go after them. We struggle but we remain persistent. We have a vision that is imprinted in our minds. Goals have been set to achieve onward movement within the life we desire and to remain up to date with the needs of our lifestyles and careers.

We must remain humble with ourselves and towards others. Karma has a sneaky way of getting people back, so be careful how you treat those around you because it can trickle down into your life and blindside you. Stay blessed and stay pressed on achieving you goals.

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