Let’s Talk – Interracial Dating

In today’s episode I’m talking about being open minded to dating outside of your race. Sometimes we get stuck in this mindset that it is better to date within our own race/ethnicity. While this is still a good thing, in the sense that we are grounded and deeply tied to our roots, we shouldn’t frown on those that find love within a different group of people.

I myself and open to the idea, but it wasn’t always this way. I was once closed to dating people within my own race. Now that I am older I see the error of my ways. I love my black kings, but I can’t refute that Adam from Switzerland also looks mighty fine. Plus, sometimes people from a different background can show you things that you might not have been exposed to if you were only limiting yourself to the Raheims of this world.

I’ve also noticed a grand expansion of black women stepping out into the world of interracial dating. I think we’ve realized that we are cheating ourselves if we only expect to find love from one type of individual. I’ve had good and bad experiences alike with men from different ethnicities. This shows me that the only difference between nations and cultures is just that, the nation you derive from and the nationality you represent, but we all do the same dumb shit with each other. Why limit your options to an appearance? Broaden your horizans and let that Italian holler at you! He could be the sauce to your spaghetti.

Come listen in to my podcast and chime in with your opinions or personal stories.

Check out this episode!

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