Black Panther/Chris Rock

So this weekend I finally took the time to watch the Chris Rock special “Tambourine” on Netflix. I had been seeing it on my list of suggestions, but had been putting it off for another time. It wasn’t until I saw a video of social media figures watching clips from the special that I decided to take a real look at the stand-up show. Based upon the reviews of the social media stars, I gathered that Chris would be talking about relevant and real issues that we think about but don’t discuss. Kind of like how Dave Chappelle does, but obviously in a different comedic style.

Chris, or should I saw, Mr. Rock spoke on the inequalities in America, from injustice to racial biases. He even talked about getting a divorce which I didn’t know he had. I don’t have to do a full recap on the racial jokes, primarily because I want you to go watch it for yourself, and because we have been hearing similar material from other comedics. What had me cracking up was the fact that when he spoke about his marriage, or rather, its failure, he said that he was addicted to porn and had cheated with 3 different women. What was funny was he already knew the women were ridiculing him, while his male counterparts were dogging him out. “Only 3 women? Man you’re hella slacking. I have more hoes than that and I’m broke”. I don’t know that really tickled me. If you haven’t watched it yet, go take a look and come back to tell me what you thought of it.

Now I wanted to talk about the “Tambourine” special first because that was the first thing that I watched that highlighted some of the black issues in America. But it truly and FACTUALLY had nothing on the movie Black Panther. I mean, what can I say about the movie. It was fantastic. As a black person, this was some ease on down the road type stuff. This was a FUBU of movies. Do you hear me? FUBU. For those of you who may be uncultured, FUBU mean “for us by us” and it was a clothing brand that was popular in the late 90’s early 2000’s. For us dark(er) folk, the movie was refreshing to see because the cast was predominantly black, it took place in an African country, it had a relevant plot/twist, everyone was of high caliber, everyone was good looking (not really valid that’s just me), and most importantly, the movie displayed black people in a positive and constructive light.

The villain in the movie wasn’t even all bad for me. He may have been a radical in his ideals, but at the root of that was a noble cause. If it weren’t for some key events that happened to him, he could have become an ally, however, his experiences wouldn’t allow him to compromise and find a way to create change without going to the extreme. I really liked how they directed the movie. I must say I was very much pleased and wasn’t let down by the hype of the movie. This is a movie that lives up to its hype.

Another thing that was noticeably pleasing was the movie soundtrack. I can see myself buying it and I never consider buying a movie soundtrack. Most times I only like 1 or 2 original songs from a movie, but this entire soundtrack is LIT.

All I’m saying is, if you haven’t gone to go see Black Panther, please do. You will not regret taking yourself or a friend out for a movie date. I also think if you have the free time and a Netflix account, check out Chris Rock’s “Tambourine”. I greatly enjoyed both and I feel blacker and prouder than ever!

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