Let’s Talk: Mandalas

For the longest time I’ve had a set of markers, colored pencils and a couple Mandala coloring books just sitting in a corner collecting dust. I wasn’t in the mood to watch anything on Netflix, wasn’t really interested in who did what on social media and I wasn’t quite in the reading mood. I figured, why not give these coloring books a go. I’m glad I did. Coloring in these adult friendly coloring books is very relaxing and good on directing your focus on your current task.

Mandalas can be quite addicting. Not too addicting though, but they can draw you in and make you forget about the pressures of life. For example, I was supposed to have completed this blog a couple days ago, but as you see, I am just now getting it uploaded. The feature photo was my first coloring, then it evolved into 3 more. The intricate designs in the Mandala require extra attention to detail and can take a few hours to complete depending on the use of your fine motor skills.


This image is a template of one of the pictures I colored. As you see they filled it in using dark colors, but I I like using contrasting colors when I color. I noticed that most of the examples were colored in using dark shades. I was like “jeez, lighten up the mood would ya”? The example coloring was too gloomy for me. I already live in WA, I don’t need any additional help with gloominess.

I found that when I colored, I was able to hone in on random thoughts that had been running through my mind all day. I found that it could be very therapeutic to color in these “adult” coloring books.

After completing this image I wish I would have switched around some of the colors in the center. The balance of color didn’t turn out as I would have liked, however, I still think that it turned out to be a lovely vibrant picture. I mainly wanted to swap the fuchsia color with the dark red within the petals closest to the middle to give it more of a symmetric look, but once you mark the area with the marker, it’s too late.

This was my favorite of the three I completed. I’m still actually debating on whether I should fill in the center or not, but I love the contrast I was able to create. Look at how dark the original is. Although it is still a beautiful drawing, it’s still a bit dark for my taste. What I completed looks like a piece of artwork I would buy for decor.

I’m currently in the process of coloring another picture. I was going to include it in this article, but seeing as I already lost two days to coloring, I will finish it another time. Believe me when I say that these pictures are no quick venture. The small details within the image can take a couple hours to complete. I’m a little anal about coloring in the lines, and even then, I found myself just trying to hurry up and finish. Consider these pictures to be projects because rushing the final product will only leave you disappointed in the end.

I enjoyed coloring these images because it allowed me to focus on the intricate and small spaces I needed to fill. I had a lot on my mind the last few days and coloring helped to ease some of my anxiety and redirect my focus on the small details. If you’ve had a long day, week, month, or even a long year already, I strongly recommend Mandala coloring books. You’ll love your finished product and the surprisingly therapeutic qualities it has. Are you overthinking? Color! Boss stressing you out? Color! Want to have a coloring competition with your kids? Color!

Thanks for stopping in for Pillow Talk with Coffee, if you don’t already have a Mandala coloring book, go get one!

Until next time!

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