Let’s Talk – Discovered Music Pick

So lately I have been listening to spotify and trying to expand my music selection with the smooth r&b genre. This week I’ve discovered an artist that I enjoy listening to. Kevin Ross is a vocal artist and his rendition of “Prototype”, originally released by OutKast, is what drew my attention to him. I like his vocal orchestration in his songs. He is able to use his voice to create the instrumental melody which gives the song a smooth sultry sound.

I really like listening to singers who have good control of their voice where they can do intricate rifting. I also like that his songs don’t seem to be one dimensional. He seems to be very spiritual as well. I heard a couple of songs that were about God. Aside from his cover of   Prototype, he also has a song called Long Song Away. I could listen to these songs all day.

Based on what I’ve heard so far I can honestly say that I would spend money on his music. I think that he has the style that I could listen to repetitively. I’ve come across several artists this year that have greatly improved my playlist. I’m hoping to discover more music that soothes the mind and feeds the soul.

I’ve decided that every time I find some new music I will write about it and share the songs that I enjoy listening to. Hmmm, I’m figuring things out as I go here. Anyway, check out Kevin Ross! I would love to get your input on the artist. Are you feelin it or nah? Let’s talk about it.

Until next time…

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