Let’s Talk – Opportunity is That You?

We all know the phrase about when opportunity comes a knocking. But how many of us can say that they’ve answered when opportunity was standing at the front door. I think most of us have missed out on 1 or 2 knocks out of fear or lack of awareness. The key is to never let a missed chance kill your drive to obtain it.

I still don’t regret making the last minute decision to leave the city and state I was raised in. Almost as soon as I arrived in Jacksonville I’ve come in contact with a plethera of talented individuals. Each have given me perspective on what it is to go for your dreams. From singer/songwriters, producers, graphic designers and photographers; all have shown me how I can improve my approach and work hard enough to have sonething to show for it.

On the way to a photoshoot in Orlando I was having a conversation with Aka, a photographer I’ve come to know, and he emphasized work. He stated how people only see the glitz and glammer in the entertainment industry but neglect the long hours and sacrifices that were made to bring entainers the fame and the fortune. He made it a point to mention “work” numerous times to send it home that in order for your dreams to come true you have to WORK for it.

Being around so many talented individuals has provided me an opportunity to grow my podcasts and blogs by networking and including people on my podcast or write a blog targetting an associate’s business audience.

Opportunity has come and knocked, however, will I answer? I know that once I open the door to all of the potential I have, I will be required to work harder than I have worked before. What’s more important to mention is that I will have to work harder knowing that a return of investment will not be immediate.

Now, more than ever, is the time to take advantage of opened doors, fore you do not know how long the door will remain open. If you are reading this and you have been tossing the thought about taking advantage of an opportunity around in your mind, it is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on! What if you pass it up, or wait too long and the key to unlocking your dream has been further buried into the pile of chance?

Do it! Do it now. Some of us are not lucky enough to have opportunities presented. Let us swallow our fears and put ourselves out there. Any experience that does not kill us is a learning one and it provides another opportunity. An opportunity of growth! With growth comes wisdom and with wisdom comes a level of expertise. Eventually, sooner OR later, you will be at a place of satisfaction all because you were ready to answer the door when opportunity started knocking!

Stay alert! Be in a position to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that’ll take you where you wanna go!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Until next time…..PEEEAAAACCCEEE!

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