Hey it’s your girl Jas of isthatjas.com and I wanna talk to you about some things. Let’s Talk politics. Let’s talk relationships. Let’s talk about the co-worker you can’t stand. Let’s talk about the scab of a man you once had. Let’s talk about self improvement, Let’s Talk about self love. Let’s talk about all of the above. Let’s Talk!

Feel free to read along as I rant about life’s journies, struggles, and joys. I write posts that I believe many of us can relate to and may have conversations about. I also provide links to my podcast episodes on Anchor.fm/isthatjas. With a brief description I let you know what each show is about and invite you to listen in and possibly join me in the conversation!

I hope you enjoy the content and feel compelled to have meaningful, thoughtful and sometimes humorous conversations with others. Click one of the links below to find your next conversation piece.

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