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Let’s Talk – Kanye West Be Trippin!

Ok. So Kanye West has been getting a bad rep for his recent ideas and outbursts. After watching the full interview with him and Charlemagne the God, I have a new found understanding on how he thinks and delivers his ideologies and/or truths. He’s not crazy, but he doesn’t consider that throwing his ideas out of context rubs people the wrong way and causes backlash that he doesn’t intend.
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Let’s Talk – Starbucks or the Police? Who’s to blame?

Hey you guys! I have a new episode out now on about the recent scandal with Starbucks. If you haven’t heard, an employee of a Starbucks in Philadelphia called the police on two men of color for sitting in the lobby without buying anything while they waited for a friend to arrive. The two men were then arrested by police.

The question I pose is who is really at fault? I understand the employee represents Starbucks but that doesn’t mean that those are Starbucks views. On the other hand, was it legally just for the police to arrest the men rather than simply escorting them out of the coffee shop?

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Let’s Talk – Monique and Charlemagne the God

So I don’t know if it is just me, but does Charlemagne the God backpedal a lot? It seems like any time someone comes on the show to call him out or set the record straight, he tries to downplay his words on the episode in reference. Like look C, we know that being confronted is hard, but don’t act like you didn’t mean every word you said.

Here are my thoughts now airing on anchor!—Monique-and-C-the-God-e13m14