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Let’s Talk – I See The Light!

I think I’m finally starting to see the light! I’ve been in Florida for 4 months and despite hitting some brick walls, I think things are beginning to change for the better. 

As you may have seen in my last post, Let’s Talk – I Went Big, But Should I Go Home?, I recently moved to Florida, but I was wondering if I had made the right move and if I was going to make it here. Despite some of my doubts it was my goal to thrive in my new city. Finally, after a couple months of living the struggle, I can say that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in the tunnel, however, unlike the last month or so, I am now working at 2 jobs and I have a good feeling that both will suit me well.

Don’t force together Pieces that don’t fit –

It’s funny how when you’re working and taking care of your business, nothing seems impossible, but as soon as your job falls through and money isn’t coming in regularly your life starts to crumble right before your eyes. That’s how the last 2 months have been for me. The initial job I had when I first arrived was good for the moment, but seeing as that it was a sales job at 100% commission, I was becoming unsatisfied with my income and the work I was putting in for a lack of results. I ultimately quit the job and decided to look for full time work. This is when things took a turn.

Everyone knows the rule about if you are going to look for new work it is always best to do so while still at your current job. Not only is this good for the employers looking into you, but it also helps to continue bringing in some type of income in the mean time. I know this rule. I’ve lived by this rule, but this time I figured I’m barely making any money as it is and although I like talking to people and making connections, having a job completely commission based was NOT my cup of tea. Instead of working myself to death and having no time to consider other jobs, I decided to quit so that I could put my energy into the job hunt.

Here’s the good and the bad. 

The Good

  1. I was getting calls to come in for interviews or at least question my interest in the job.
  2. I received a couple offers to start relatively soon.
  3. Base pay included

The Bad

  1. The job repeated the same process as the one I had just left. “Ummmm, no thanks”.
  2. The amount of hours vs the pay rate wasn’t worth it. “So I’ll be making less than minimum wage with only 20 hrs/wk? Hahahaha, bye”.
  3. The start date was pushed out pretty far. “Great! I like the job description and the pay rate, now we wait”!

People with ropes around their necks don’t always hang! – Angel Eyes (Movie quote – The Good The Bad and The Ugly)

My first interview was with Florida Home Improvement. For some reason I thought I was going in for a customer service position. I can stay in the office and help people with improving the structure of their homes and get over minimum wage. I was excited to interview. Once seated with the interviewer I realize that it is practically identical to my last job with the exception of receiving some form of base pay. I hated the idea of spending my whole day walking neighborhoods seeking that 1 person to sign up for service. That’s a BIG no for me boss. I was bummed and I had to politely say, “Never mind, thank you for the opportunity”. So close!

Next I had interviews with both Starbucks and Panera Bread. I love coffee so you already know I was all the way down to work at Starbucks even at part time. I ROCKED that interview and was offered a job right then and there. I accepted. The bonus to that was that the base pay was higher than minimum wage. I loved that! My start date was a little ways out, but I had hope that I could snag a secondary job in no time.

I then went in to Panera. Similar to Starbucks, I received an offer not long after my intial and 2nd interview. I went to an orientation to begin as a delivery driver, however, forgetting that I’m riding dirty out here without insurance. Two things with delivery. First thing was that delivery drivers only receive base pay of a little over $5. I was disgusted at this (lol). To make matters worse, the position was going to be 20 hours or less. With that being said I advised the hiring manager that I wouldn’t be able to do delivery seeing as my insurance is expired. I left out that it was because the pay was insulting. I suggested we push my initial app for cashier through. From then they dragged on getting back in touch with me. By this time I had already decided I wouldn’t enjoy my time working for them and turned it down.

Here’s where the golden egg comes in. I got hired to work for ADT security full time with a starting pay that dookeyed all over my previous jobs. THIS IS IT!!!! The catch? I had to wait over a month to begin in November. Really hurtful, truly, but I knew that if I could hold out just a little longer that it would all be worth it. My judgement so far has been accurate because in about a week I will be able to be a contributing member of society once more and I can act like Ayanla and fix my life.

In just 2 months I have had to pray and borrow to cover basic needs, which is the hardest thing for me to do. Ask. Now if you offer something to me I will say yes, but if I have to humble myself and ask for assistance I’ll probably starve first. I’ve had loved ones get on me about this, but it is soooo hard to admit to those you respect that you are struggling and you need them to help you. It’s very important to have people you can call on, I just hate having to call.

Now that I am seeing things slowly pick back up, I can begin to breath a little easier with the light peering over the horizon. I can now plan and make arrangements to correct what has been wronged and rebuild the credit that has thus been destroyed from not having the means to make on-time payments. I’m thankful that I have a place to stay and a support system or I don’t know where I’d be right now. 

If you have people in your corner who will be there for you in times of struggle or complication, honor and appreciate them because some people are out here truly suffering because it is all on them. I can’t express enough how much those people mean to me, even if I don’t actively show it, they are what keeps me together. 

With the sights looking much brighter, I am excited to see how the road will continue and where I will end up. I hope to bring forth more positive news and energy and tell stories on new adventures, new friends, and new goals; new ideas, new content, and new business prospects. So far, everything is looking up and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Stay up my friends! The car don’t stop unless you stop driving!

Let’s keep pushing, keep moving, and keep that energy high, for that turning point is closer than you think!


Rise and Shine!
Blog, Coffee & Conversations, motivational, self improvement

Let’s Talk – Staying Busy

Hey y’all whats up? I just had to make a post related to keeping your mind off of an ex or a stressful situation. I’m here to say that sometimes in order to keep your mind off of it you have to get busy or stay busy. You know that down time you are using to obsess over what can’t be fixed? You should use that time and energy on something that entertains you or brings you peace.

Do you enjoy reading? Pick up a new book and dive in. Do you like going on hikes and experiencing the outdoors? Set up a mini trip either by yourself or with friends. Do you like playing video games? Make a goal to reach a new level or improve your rank scores and get to it. These may not be at the top of your list of things to do, but I promise you, once you begin to take your mind off of your problems and focus on the things you enjoy doing, your mind will begin to recover and/or process a solution much faster.

Sometimes we want to dwell on our sorrow and anguish in the dreadfulness of it all. We want to feel all the feels and justify staying in that place by pointing out all the negative impacts it is having on us and our lives. This, however, is not going to actually solve anything, rather, it may make it worse because you are not putting in any energy toward a positive outcome. Just as evil begets evil so does negativity.

I won’t lie to you though. It is often much easier to wallow in the pit of despair than to climb out of it, but the reward is very much worth it. Put effort into your own peace. Put effort into your own happiness. At the end of the day, you will be the only person accountable for either, so make it count.

Personally I’ve decided that I can no longer apply brakes to my life for the sake of another. By doing so, you allow whoever or whatever to rob you of your own ambitions and momentum because you have slowed down in hopes that your desire will be fulfilled. My only insight on this matter is if you have to slow down for anything to fit into your life, it wasn’t meant to be there in the first place.

Be true to you and the goals you have set for yourself. Don’t allow the disappointments of life drag you down. If you find yourself distracted by these stresses, apply your time into the things that bring you joy and peace. Remember that at the end of the day you are worth more than your circumstances and there is more for you than you have ever imagined. Focus on positive energy. Distract your mind with activity meant to push you forward and encourage you. Surround yourself by things and people that help to bring out your inner light and never sway from your unique self.

Be empowered!

Until next time!