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Let’s Talk – He Ain’t The One Sis

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself wasting your time on someone you thought was “the one”? Yeah I think most of us have been there at least once in our lives. Here comes this handsome, charming, what we think is a man, and he gives us all the feels but he is lacking that extra most important ingredient. He is missing that key piece of maturity called commitment. For some reason committing is a word he is allergic too. He doesn’t want you to know this so instead he will lie, act, and play on your emotions to hide the fact that he simply doesn’t want to commit to you. These guys will either jump into a relationship with you and never really do anything to grow into the relationship, or you’ll have the one who clearly appears to like you and enjoys being around you, but will refuse to lock you down.

The hardest part with dealing with this type of guy is that we, the ones dealing with him, have a hard time letting go. We know deep down that he is stringing us along, but we just have to see if, by some miracle, he will realize that we are the best thing to have ever come into his life. It’s almost like a drug. We get so high off of the idea of our ever after with our dream guy and lose all sense of reality or logical thought. We hold on to that dream until we are completely drained and exhausted from trying to keep it alive. I think that it is important to remember that we are very valuable creatures. We offer more than just comfort and ease, we offer the joys in life like starting a family, supporting our husbands and planning for a bigger future. We simply get caught in the trap of a swindler. Someone who takes advantage of our kind disposition and willingness to support and uplift. No more!

I think that for those dealing with a boyfriend who continues to give empty promises, it’s time to wake up. For those holding on to the dream that he will see you for the woman you are, it’s time to wake up. For those that are waiting for the perfect guy to see the inner beauty within, it’s time to wake up. We can no longer pretend that there is a perfect guy, and we can no longer ignore the signs that the person we want isn’t putting in equal effort to make sure they are who they need to be for us. It is time to set a higher bar, a higher standard, a higher sense of self. We don’t have to feel bad for telling a guy what it is that we want and expect. We don’t have to feel bad for telling a guy that he may be an adult but he isn’t a grown man. We don’t have to feel bad for finally standing up for ourselves and our hearts. We are the prize at the end of the day, so if he can’t or won’t step up to the plate of a grown man, he needs to go back to the dugout so another man can step up to bat.

Sometimes being alone is not the end of the world, but rather, the beginning of the journey you were supposed to be on all along. Loneliness can trick us into thinking that we need to be in a romantic relationship, when in reality, it can simply mean that we need to venture out and connect with like minded and spirited people. We can be single and still experience all the joy that life has to offer. Being in a relationship is a blessing, however, forcing one can curse your life.

I used the word “we” a lot because, like a pastor would say, as I preach to you I also preach to myself. It isn’t fair to hold on to something that isn’t helping you grow beyond yourself. Why try forcing something that should just be? Why stress over someone who isn’t stressed about you? Why care if they are on hard times when they turn down opportunities to turn it around? No longer! No longer should we waist our time or our value. I believe that these guys I speak of can still be our friends, but only to an extent. They must know that there are now boundaries to how close they can get to us. They must appreciate that we have chosen to love ourselves more than the idea of love. If that guy truly ever cared for you he will understand and respect your decision and you will know that you had a friend in that person, no more and no less. If the guy tries to turn it around on you, get rid of him and never look back, for that person only cares about themselves and was never a friend.

It can be hard to let go of what you thought was a good thing, but in the end, you will be all the better and stronger for it. Keep in mind that if your soul isn’t being fed you may never truly feel happy, yet you will always be searching for something that may not exist. Continue to love, continue to grow, and continue to evolve. The person that you are meant to be with will likely add to, not take away from those things and you will know the difference. If that person never comes along for you, don’t fret, for you may have the gift of exploration. You will be free to do great things and reach many without losing self and gaining all that you desire. Stay focused on the things that bring joy to your life and be kind to all.

It’s 2018, let’s leave all the grown man babies behind and takeoff into the land of maturity and growth!


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Let’s Talk – New Blog Name and Look

Since the start of the year I have mentioned that 2018 was the year for leveling up, and I truly believe that change is in motion. It has been a month since I started walking in the path I’m currently on, and I feel more and more motivated each day. I want to get to a point where I can focus on blogging/podcasting/vlogging full-time. The goal that I set for myself is to start making salary earnings within 2 years. I believe that with a positive attitude and an equally stable work ethic I will achieve that goal.

One of the best tools that we can use for our self growth, is networking. Networking can get you in line to take advantage of opportunities you need in order to take ahead in your career. The magic behind the life of an entrepreneur is that they wake up early everyday and work hard because they are passionate about what it is they do. There has never been a time in my working career that I have felt passionate about the job I was doing. With blogging, however, I am seeing that I don’t receive pay from doing this yet I enjoy every minute I put into building my brand.

Recently I had reached out to a fellow podcaster/blogger, @daynger (anchor, vlaudle, twitter), and asked if she was monetizing her blogs, and if so, could she provide some tips. She replied with a link to a checklist. The checklist definitely centered around sites that have a specific niche which they can use to promote and gain sponsors. What I realized after viewing the checklist was that I didn’t fit into a “niche”. A niche is something that helps categorize your content and build a core audience. How could I take advantage of the checklist if I don’t have a core audience?

With help from my cousin, I decided to entitle my blog and podcast station, “Pillow Talk with Coffee”. This idea came from my cousin. She said that based on my post content, and my love for coffee, we could call it Pillow Talk and Coffee. I liked the sound of it, but it quite roll as smooth as I liked. Swapping out the “and” with “with” did the trick. “Pillow Talk” represents the intimate/private conversations we have with our inner circle, i.e., spouse, bf/gf, friends, and family. “With Coffee” simply represents all things coffee, from the ambiance of a cafe lounge, to the fresh, yet strong, aroma of a fresh brew. “Pillow Talk with Coffee” mimics the things that are often brought up in coffee shops. Politics, relationships, and the hottest sales at local stores. Don’t forget fashion trends, new music, and the winners at big awards.

I hope you enjoy the new look of my site and continue to follow my blog!

Tune in and catch up on the cossip (coffee/gossip)!